How Web Development Impacts the Lives of Others

Pawan Kaushik

26 July, 2021

Websites are an integral part of the modern world. Every business needs to have an online presence to compete in the market. With nearly 4 billion people accessing the internet for information about shopping, businesses in and around their community, it has become critical to represent the business through a website or a mobile application. With the Covid-19 global pandemic affecting the entire world, people moved from shopping in stores using internet to continue their shopping. During the global pandemic, e-commerce and online shopping saw a significant rise by nearly 45%. The primary reasons for this growth is the shutdown of market place. Shopping malls, global lockdowns and restrictions. These measures were taken by the WHO and governments to control the spread of the virus. Additionally, with millions of people dying from the virus, people were scared to go outside. They worked remotely and used the resources at their disposal to reduce their physical interaction with the world.

The primary reasons for the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce are :-

1. Convenience: People can order and buy things from any corner of the world with the click of a button.

2. Right Products: People can find the exact products they are looking for on the internet without having to visit multiple stores and return empty handed because they did not find the right product.

3. Lower Costs: A majority of online shopping and e-commerce comprises of direct producer to consumer transaction. This reduces the number of middlemen, commissions for these people and thereby reducing the overall cost of the product. As an added benefit, the seller’s profit margins are increased.

4. Product Reviews and Feedback: With a wide range of products and companies to choose from, people find it exceptionally easy to review products before they buy and also share their feedback regarding products and services they have used. This improves the whole buying process and buyer experience.

5. Home Deliveries: The biggest reason for the rise in popularity of online business and e-commerce is the direct door step deliveries offered by the sellers. People order what they need and want and a few days later, the products are delivered to their door step. This is easy and particularly safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Web Devlopment

The people represent the market and the market is ready for the next stage in its evolution. The easy and cheap availability to technology and internet promotes online business and e-commerce. With the huge shift in the dynamics of the market, the business owners have had to adapt to the changes as well. These business owners have two options to move online.

1. Use of existing online platform for their products: People started using platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and Craigslist to sell their products. One of the key benefits of using these platforms is the access to the wide consumer base already using these platforms. However, some of the drawbacks of using these platforms are there is not a lot of flexibility in terms of product description and representation of the products on these platforms and the other major drawback is that these platforms are not suited for companies which sells various kinds of services. This created a need for alternative methods and the growth in popularity of individual websites owned and operated by businesses and business owners.

2. Use of Individual Sites: Due to the drawbacks created by online shopping platforms, businesses and business owners preferred to create and use their own sites. This allowed them to represent their business, products and services in a way they preferred. Additionally it allowed these business owners to integrate their websites and online presence with their marketing strategies. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this path is the loss of the existing large consumer base. Businesses had to create their own consumer base through various digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies.

What Does a Web Developer do?

The growing need for web developers and web development companies was on the rise. There was a huge demand for quality service providers, which is where Speqto technologies plays a vital role. Our expert web developers help create an ideal platform business owners where they can accurately represent their business, products and services in a way they want. Additionally, we provide services in the field of digital marketing and website maintenance to offer end to end services for our clients businesses.

Some of the benefits of using websites are :-

1. Direct buyer to seller transactions which creates a win-win scenario for both the customer and the business.

2. Websites serve as the first point of contact between the potential buyer and the seller. Products, services and other offerings can be customized increase traffic and create a good first impression.

3. Websites offer a transparent communication platform between the business and the buyer. This increases the possibility of a sake significantly as a bond is formed with the communication between the two parties.

4. Promote customer loyalty through custom customer retention and loyalty programs offered through the website.

5. Consumers get a first hand experience about the products, services and business based on the information available through the website.

The websites play a crucial role and has a significant impact on the lives of the people and the business itself. Some of these significant impacts are mentioned below.

1. Establish credibility.

2. Build trust.

3. Engage visitors.

4. Generate Leads.

5. Support your customers.

6. Close more sales.

7. Reduced product cost and increased profitability.

8. Complete control and flexibility.

9. Great future scope for expansion and scalability.

10. Increased reach of the products and services offered.

11. International Presence.

Our team of experts at Speqto Technologies have the skills, experience and expertise to leverage various tools, technologies and development methodologies available in the market to create the right platform for businesses and business owners to generate revenue, grow and establish themselves in the market. At the same time, websites are the perfect resources which the market and the consumers are looking for when they are trying to purchase a product or service. A direct interaction between the seller and the buyer is always the first step in selling a product or service. The 21st century is a competitive market, there are thousands of products and businesses which are very similar to each other, websites are the perfect weapons which businesses can use to set themselves apart from their competition and get an advantage in the market. Websites by Speqto Technologies guarantee 100% user friendliness, easy integration with existing systems, and budget friendly websites of international quality standards. Speqto technologies is the perfect technological partner to ensure success and growth in the market.


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