What Is Blockchain ?

Blockchain platform development is the fundamental technology after Bitcoin that supports the whole Cryptocurrency landscape. In a series of blocks the distributed cryptographic ledgers stores transactions that are linked together electronically. Blockchain creates a peer-to-peer chain in which the transactions are made without any intervention of third party or intermediary system.

Why Choose Speqto ? - A Blockchain development company in India TokyoTechie is a popular blockchain application developer with expertise in creating high-octane cryptocurrency applications. In blockchain software development, we have a great experience with the expert team of developers of Blockchain.


Services We Provide

Speqto technologies is in the forefront of the development and implementation of blockchain. With the application of innovative design patterns, technical resources and expertise, we have developed and deployed numerous projects and satisfied all our clients through transparent, secure, cost effective, and reliable services.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract

Our qualified team of experts, helps in designing and implementation smart contracts in various sectors like transportation, education, healthcare, and many more.


Supply Chain

One of the major challenges of the industry is logistics. With the blockchain solutions from Speqto, monitoring and maintenance of logistics is simple, user-friendly, and safe.


Real Estate

We use blockchain to develop platforms for the real estate industry and our platforms are designed to create a safe, secure, and direct means of communication.


Blockchain IOT

We have the expertise and experience to create the perfect combination between blockchain and IOT to build smart, safe, secure, and intelligent systems. which are designed to make our lives easier and automated.



A lot of private and critical personal information is exchanged during the process of making an insurance policy. This data and information need to be protected. Our custom-built blockchain solutions ensure the secrecy.

IT Networking


Using our blockchain solutions to book railway tickets is simple and easy. A decentralized system ensures that the system is never down and it offers a smooth and user-friendly experience to travelers.

Blockchain Platform we Expertise

Blockchain offers a wide range of platforms to build our solutions based on our client's requirements. Blockchain solutions by Speqto technologies are exactly what our clients need. Having a team of experts who are specialized in different platforms help us add flexibility and versatility to the service we offer our clients. Trained and certified experts ensure the same quality standards across all platforms.

Blockchain Platform we Expertise

Why Choose Us for Blockchain Development Services?

Speqto is one of the leading Blockchain development companies in India that has a seasoned team of Blockchain Developers who provide progressive and high-octane Blockchain-based applications at cost-effective prices and competitive market rates. Along with this, we believe in complete transparency and strives to offer customer-centric service to our clients that can streamline your business in a better direction.

Our Process

Project Planning

The next step is the drafting of the project plan.

Project Planning
Project Planning

Project Monitoring

At this stage the project goes into extensive testing to evaluate the project’s performance.

Project Planning
Project Planning

How can we help you ?

We are a sociable bunch and our new business comes primarily from recommendations & referrals from clients & friends who know how we work. We don’t think that salesmen should do all the talking for us and so we recommend that you speak directly to our clients to understand who we are and what we do. Our social media pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our clients related to Blockchain development. If you need more information or have any any other question, feel free to contact our Blockchain development company in India.

Speqto technologies is one India’s leading companies in terms of blockchain development. We offer end-to-end solutions for any requirements and most importantly, we do it with the highest standards of quality and affordability.
Our blockchain development team come from a varied background offering a wide range of skills and talents. With a combined experience of over 40 years, we have the experience, expertise and the credentials to ensure the fulfilment of our client’s dreams.
Our client list is extensive and diverse. Some of the industry giants such as Tesco, CitiGroup, Warnerbrothers (WB), eBay, Volkswagen, Qatar Airways choose to work with us due to our quality standards, efficiency and professionalism.
Speed and quality is our mantra. WIth the help of a revolutionary development system, we can develop any blockchain solution in record time without compromising on any of the development parameters.
We ensure that our clients have complete flexibility and control over the development of their projects. Our clients can choose their own team from a huge resource pool, and most importantly, our clients are involved in every stage of the development.
Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We ensure that we reach our goal in every project. We understand that our responsibility does not end with completing the development. We help our clients with maintenance, deployment and integration of our solutions in their organizations and our clients know that we are available with our support at every step.
Speqto technologies offer the highest quality of services without compromising on ethics, morality and transparency. We ensure that we prepare an accurate project budget at the planning phase and do not charge our client any additional charges.
Blockchain is considered to be one of the safest and most secure technologies in the world. This is primarily due to the high security measures and the decentralized nature of the entire system. Blockchain solutions by Speqto Technologies are the perfect example of the safety standards in Blockchain technology.