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Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Cloud computing is one of the latest innovations of the technological world. Cloud computing is a cheaper and more efficient alternative to the current technologies we use.

Application of Smart Contracts for Real Estate Transactions.

Blockchain is one of the latest innovations of the technological advancements. Blockchain is highly popular in the world due to the advanced capabilities such as security, transparency, high levels of privacy

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

The world has been evolving over the last few decades. With every passing year, the world of healthcare and modern medicine are changing as well. One of the most common goals of people, doctors, healthcare professionals.

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence or most commonly called, as AI is one of the latest innovation in the field of data science and analytics. An AI system is designed to function as a self-sufficient and operation system.

Is cloud computing the next big revolution in the technical world?

As members of the modern and advanced technical society, we have heard about an upcoming technology called as cloud computing.

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