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Here at Speqto Technologies, we offer a wide range of marketing services to our client's to meet their diverse expectations. Traditional marketing services is one of these services which is aimed to providing custom solutions to our client's from various industries and sectors. We rely on traditional marketing techniques such as print media, broadcasts and direct mail campaigns to fulfil our requirements.

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What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is defined as a collection of all the marketing approaches, methods and channels which does not involve the application of digital medium. Some of the most popular traditional marketing techniques include television ads, radio broadcasts, and print media such as fliers, newspapers, billboards and direct mail campaigns. One of the most important reasons behind the application of traditional marketing is the localised nature of reaching the target audience.

This method allows the companies to find and target specific sections of the target audience market based on the geographical presence and most importantly the dependence on other resources is minimised.


Here at Speqto Technologies, we have become experts in the application of creativity and innovation to develop revolutionary traditional marketing techniques and strategies for our client's.

Creativity Led

Our approach to developing traditional marketing strategies for our client's is led by our team’s creativity and innovation. This allows our team of experts to identify the best methods to conduct marketing activities for our client's.

Strategically Driven

The first step in the development of the traditional marketing strategy is the identification of the strategy used by our client's. We use this strategy to make decisions and choices which are perfectly suited for our client's.

Systems Thinkers

We follow a standard set of protocols and systematic approach to the development and implementation of various traditional marketing strategies. This allows us the opportunity to be consistent and ensure the highest standards of quality.

Humanity Obsessed

Our primary goal is to help our client's build relationships between the target customers and our client's. This is the motivation behind our obsession with humanity. All the decisions we take are driven by our desire to be in line with humanity.

SPEQTO's Traditional Marketing Approach

Here at Speqto Technologies, we rely on our strengths which are creativity and innovation to develop and implement our approach to traditional marketing.

Requirement Analysis

The first step we choose is to communicate with our client's and understand their requirements.

Strategic Plan Implementation

Based on our understanding of our client’s requirement, we develop and implement traditional marketing strategies.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly on the lookout for various opportunity to improve the traditional marketing strategy.

Type of Traditional Marketing

Broadcast and Radio
Direct Mail Campaigns

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Local Audience

Based on the location of our client's, our experts here at Speqto Technologies have developed the ability to identify and target customers based on the physical location of the client and the target customers.


Traditional marketing has been conducted for a few decades and customers are accustomed to these approaches. Hence traditional marketing helps our client's build credibility between the customers.

More Diverse Audience

Based on the needs of the business, we can target a customer base with is broader and more diverse. This allows our client's the opportunity to experiment in terms of the approach, strategy and the target audience.

Existing infrastructure

Traditional marketing is easier to execute due to the availability of existing infrastructure. This simplifies the entire process and creates a platform for our client's to reach their goals.

High Personalisation

Based on the nature of the target audience, we can personalise the content to a very large extent which improves the effectiveness of the traditional marketing campaigns.

High response rate

Due to the nature, strategy and features of traditional marketing, the effectiveness and the response rates are significantly higher which helps our client's to grow.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

One of the biggest benefits of traditional marketing is the localisation of the marketing strategy based on the geography of the business.

We rely on creativity and innovation to apply traditional channels of marketing to produce results in the modern digital world.

Print media such as brochures, newspaper, magazines, televisions, radios, billboards and hoardings are some of the most popular traditional marketing channels.

One of the easiest ways to measure ROI of traditional marketing is the increase in customer traffic through the business.

ROI of Internet Marketing is measured based on the increase in customer interaction and the time duration of each customer interaction. Another big indicator is the brand value and position in the industry.

Traditional marketing is defined as a collection of all the marketing approaches, methods and channels which does not involve the application of digital medium.

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