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Over the past few decades, the world has changed exponentially and have a greater online presence. Potential customers and people use the internet to find products and businesses near them. Hence it is critical to for business owners to have an online presence on various platforms such as the search engine, social media platforms etc. Here at Speqto technologies we understand the importance of having an online presence and have been delivering internet / digital marketing strategies to our client's and supporting their organizational goals.

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What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is defined as the set of marketing activities, strategies and plans which are executed over the internet to reach the desired target audience. There are various types of internet marketing strategies and various channels which can be used to obtain the desired results. The choice of the internet marketing strategy and channel is defined by the product or service which is being marketed and most importantly the target consumer’s profile.

Internet marketing strategies are proven to be highly effective in helping companies reach their target customers. In addition to this, companies have reported increased sales and revenue with the application of various internet marketing strategies.

Our experts have over 40+ years of combined internet marketing experience

Our team of experts are the perfect resources which our client's deserve to bring their business into the 21st century.

Here at Speqto Technologies, we keep ourselves updated with the latest innovations and use our growing knowledge to develop innovative marketing solutions four our client's. Irrespective of the domain in which our client's work, we ensure that we develop the right internet marketing strategies to meet their exact need.

Increased Engagement

With our team of internet marketing experts at our client's disposal, we can guarantee an increased engagement on the website or other platforms which ultimately increases the sales numbers and revenue for the business.

Multiple Strategies

Here at Speqto Technologies, we do not believe in using a single approach. Hence we have adopted the multiple strategy approach where internet marketing is being executed on various channels at any given point of time.

Effective Targeting

With our capabilities in internet marketing, we have developed the unique ability to identify the exact target audience for client's. Using this information, we run targeted advertisement campaigns which are highly effective.

Customised Reach

Depending on the nature of business our client's are in, internet marketing experts here at Speqto Technologies customise the campaign based on specific geos where the target audiences are located in, which includes on a local level or on a global level.

Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation

We support our client's with establishing an online presence across all search engines such as Google, Firefox etc. Our goal is to be ranked first on these pages.

Social Media Optimisation

We use various social media platforms and our strong understanding of their algorithms to optimise our client's social media pages to maximise traffic and engagement.

Pay Per Click

Here at Speqto Technologies, we have a reputation of extracting the maximum engagement with the least amount of money spent during the paid internet marketing campaigns.

Organic Lead Generation

Increasing engagement and traffic flow to our client's website and social media platforms is our foremost goal which we accomplish easily with the help of our creative organic lead generation process.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook remains to be one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With nearly 3 billion people using Facebook, it proves to be one of the best internet marketing channels which we can leverage to our advantage.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is growing rapidly and is estimated to be more popular that Facebook in the coming years and we encourage our client's to get a head start by proving Instagram marketing services.

YouTube Marketing

With billions of users on YouTube, it proves to be one of the best internet marketing channels for dedicated ad campaigns and targeted marketing.

Email Campaigns

Speqto Technologies has been highly successful in improve the reach of our internet marketing through the application of targeted and creative email campaigns.

Why Internet Marketing Services

Niche Targeting

Innovative and Creative Marketing Strategies

Effective Measurement


Improve Brand Value

Niche Targeting

We target specific niches in the market based on our client's requirements.

Innovative and Creative Marketing

Creative and innovative approach to internet marketing guarantees results.

Effective Measurement

ROI is easily measurable with the application of internet marketing.


We customise our campaigns to match our client's and their customers .

Improve Brand Value

Our campaigns help our client's build and improve their brand value in the market.

Let The Number Speak


93% of Millennials have compared online deals using a mobile device

5.11 billion

There are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the world


50% of buyers do research via social media


90% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Internet Marketing is defined as a marketing channel where various types of contents such as blogs, videos, audios, messages and other forms of written materials are used to carry out marketing activities for companies.

Internet Marketing has proven to be highly effective in helping build a brand image in the industry. In addition to this, brand value is increased with the help of Internet Marketing.

During the course of customer journey, Internet Marketing provides the customers valuable information which helps them in the decision making process.

Blogs, vlogs, social media posts and emails are some of the most popular Internet Marketing strategies which are extensively used.

ROI of Internet Marketing is measured based on the increase in customer interaction and the time duration of each customer interaction. Another big indicator is the brand value and position in the industry.

The primary goal of Internet Marketing is to build awareness about the company and the products or services offered to the customers. This helps in building a brand value in the market.

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