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Here at Speqto Technologies, we have one important goal, help our client's develop an identity and brand value in the market. We accomplish this goal with the help of digital branding. Our team of experts focus of implementing various techniques to help our client's increase their brand value.

Digital Marketing Branding

What is branding

What Is Branding?

Branding is defined as a brand management technique where internet branding techniques and digital marketing strategies are combined to help companies build brand value and recognition in the market. This increases the engagement between the brand and its target customers which ultimately reflects in the sales and revenue figures. Various methods such as endorsements, video and written content, and public relations are used to carry out branding activities.

There are various branding methods and strategies which can be utilised, however, the choice of the branding strategy is defined by the target customers, nature of the company and most importantly the products and services offered to the customers.

Creative Branding strategy Services

Digital Brand strategy

One of the most important branding services we offer here at Speqto Technologies is Digital Brand Strategy. With the goal of helping our client's improve their digital presence and build their digital brand value, we develop unique strategies which meets the expectations of our client's.

Brand Strategy

With out of the box thinking and creative approaches, we focus on helping our client's with custom built brand strategies which includes approaches such as public relations, customer interaction and many more.

Brand Book

One of the most important aspects of brand strategies built by Speqto Technologies is the brand message and brand position. After understanding the requirements of our client's, we develop the perfect brand message to ideally position our client in the market.

Communication Strategy

With the primary goal of improving communication between the client's and their target customers, we ensure that our brand strategies helps our client's meet this goal with ease.

Branding Strategy & Design Process

1.) Identify Business Goals

The first step in the branding process is to understand our client's and their business goals, strategies and plans. This is accomplished using a long discussion with the client.

2.) Identify Target Audience

Once we understand the client, we carry out a detailed investigation into identifying the client's target audience. Based on this target audience, the next stages of the branding process can be completed.

3.) Develop Brand Positioning

Using market research and the information provided by the client, we understand the desired brand position in the market. This is in relation with the competitors and the target customers.

4.) Develop Brand Messaging Strategy

After identifying various aspects of the branding process, we get creative. It is in this stage, we demonstrate our skills and strengths with creative and innovative thinking to develop the brand message which best represents our client's.

5.) Monitoring and Improvement

The final step in the process is monitoring the implemented marketing strategy. With the data collected in the form and feedback and performance reports, we can change the branding strategy to increase effectiveness.

6.) Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most critical steps in the branding process. Our team of expert content writers develop unique content which is an accurate representation of our client and guarantees increased engagement.

Partnerships we’ve built

During the launch of the Ford Ecosport, Speqto Technologies worked very closely with the representatives of Ford to develop and implement a branding strategy for the Ford Ecosport car.

In the initial phases of Lucious, Speqto Technologies was the support with which branding for Lucious was achieved accurately.

Baskin Robins is one of our biggest client's. We have developed and implemented various digital branding strategies to support their growing product portfolio.

Bajaj Auto has been coming to Speqto Technologies to develop and implement various branding strategies for the new automobiles launched under the brand.

Our success in the consumer electronics space is noteworthy due to the digital branding strategies developed for the Redmi brand.

We have developed and implemented various digital branding strategies for various electronic products from our client Boat’s portfolio.

Speqto Technologies has been highly successful with digital branding in the food industry with the help of our digital branding strategies for Amul.

With the help of our creativity and innovative thinking, we ensured Dell became household name using our digital branding strategies and techniques.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Internet Marketing is defined as a marketing channel where various types of contents such as blogs, videos, audios, messages and other forms of written materials are used to carry out marketing activities for companies.

Internet Marketing has proven to be highly effective in helping build a brand image in the industry. In addition to this, brand value is increased with the help of Internet Marketing.

During the course of customer journey, Internet Marketing provides the customers valuable information which helps them in the decision making process.

Blogs, vlogs, social media posts and emails are some of the most popular Internet Marketing strategies which are extensively used.

ROI of Internet Marketing is measured based on the increase in customer interaction and the time duration of each customer interaction. Another big indicator is the brand value and position in the industry.

The primary goal of Internet Marketing is to build awareness about the company and the products or services offered to the customers. This helps in building a brand value in the market.

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