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Digital wallets are indeed convenient, but can you be sure of its safety? Can you make sure that your credit card and bank account information is protected while using it? Of course, it will all be safe with the Wallet & Payment Safety by Speqto Technologies.

Wallet & Payment Safety

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What Is Wallet & Payment Safety?

Digital wallet is a much faster, easier, and extremely convenient mode of payment that can be used over conventional means of swiping plastic cards. Even though many raise concerns over the safety and security of digital wallets, it is proven that digital wallet is a safer method of payment compared to plastic cards or using fiat money. This is because these digital wallets are being designed with all the required security measures in place.

Simply put, a digital wallet is an online payment tool that is based on software and exists on either a web browser or a mobile app. These wallets would store your credit, debit, and gift cards, and cryptocurrencies; provide access to bank payments and crypto wallets, and other digital cash payments. With the use of digital wallets, you will be able to conduct transactions within a matter of a few seconds.

Advantage of Wallet & Payment Safety Services

Easier to Manage

Eliminates the requirement to carry cash or credit or debit cards with you.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

If you are using a digital wallet, you will be able to use the self-check-out facilities available at shopping malls without queuing up in front of the cash counter.


Robust safety solutions such as tokenization are adopted by digital wallets to increase the efficiency of the security provided to the wallet.

Biometric Authentication

Hence digital wallets use biometric authentication the threat of fraud is reduced to a greater extent.

Increased Acceptance

Today, payments via digital wallets have received global acceptance.

Contactless Transaction Completion

You will be able to easily complete the transaction without any contact with the use of digital wallets.

Extra Security through Two-factor Authentication

This makes sure that the validity of the user is authenticated twice, which will mitigate the chance of fraud.

Viable Option for Unbanked & Underbanked

Digital wallets are a perfect substitute for people who are trying to avoid the chaotic process of transaction processing via banks.

Protection from Hackers

Even if a retailer gets hacked, if you are using a digital wallet, your credit or debit card details won’t be compromised.

3-D Secure

The advanced encryption that exists in digital wallets wouldn’t allow anyone to intercept in-between transactions.

SPEQTO's Wallet & Payment Safety Approach

We consider user safety as our top priority. Speqto Technologies has introduced advanced security features in our Wallet & Payment Safety application that will guarantee a seamless user experience.

Fund Storage in Segregated Accounts

Speqto’s Wallet and Payment Safety approach is designed in such a way that customers’ funds are stored in segregated accounts that allow users to have uninterrupted access and the ability to withdraw funds at any time.

Regular KYC & AML Checks

Speqto conducts KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) checks regularly in order to avoid threats and protect its customers while also using robust anti-fraud measures.

Heavily Encoded Wallet Information

All confidential information in the wallet is highly encoded so that it will act as a barrier to hacking attacks and it would also make it nearly impossible for an unauthorized party to access your wallet information.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

No, Speqto does not charge a fee for using Speqto’s Wallet and Payment Safety. Yet, message and data charges may apply based on your data plan.

Yes, it is empirically proven that digital wallets are much safer than credit and debit cards. The chance of getting caught in fraud when making payments via digital wallets is significantly less than making payments through credit or debit cards.

Yes, there is no limit on the number of debit and credit cards that can be added to your digital wallet with Speqto’s Wallet and Payment Safety. But it is always advisable to use a limited range of cards with your digital wallet.

No, even though someone else has access to your phone that person won’t be able to log in to your digital wallet account hence it is being protected with biometrics (face recognition or figure print), a PIN, or a password.

Most merchants accept digital wallet payments whether online or in-store due to the improved convenience of accepting payments via digital wallets. It is advisable to inquire your merchant to check whether they accept digital wallet payments.

If you have any queries regarding how to use your digital wallet, please feel free to contact Speqto Technologies. We have a team that is dedicated to help you out.

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