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Amazon web service or more popularly known as AWS is a cloud computing service which offers a wide range of services to the users. Here at Speqto Technologies, we have cloud computing experts who can leverage the services offered by AWS to create any custom solutions for our client's.

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What is Amazon Web Services

What Is Amazon Web Services ?

Amazon Web Service or AWS is one the world’s leading cloud computing platforms. AWS offers a wide range of services to the users such as simple storage solutions, platforms to host mobile applications, websites and web applications. In addition to these common services, there are niche services such as data analytics, machine learning models, IT networking solutions and cyber security services. Based on the experience and expertise of the user, AWS proves to be one of the most revolutionary technologies of the modern world.

Here at Speqto Technologies, we have trained and certified experts who can create any solutions based on the unique requirement of our client's through the application of various AWS services.

Our High Qualified Assured Team

Our team of experts are trained and certified on various aspects of AWS which ensures that they support our clients with capabilities matching their expectations.

Assured Team

This helps us improve the quality of the developed solution and the client experience.


1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional Ipsum

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional

3. AWS Certified Advanced Networking — Specialty

4. AWS Certified Security — Specialty

5. AWS Certified Data Analytics — Specialty

6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate

7. AWS Certified Developer — Associate

8. AWS Certified Sysops Administrator — Associate

Our Accelerators

Growing Popularity

AWS is one of the most popular and revolutionary technologies of the modern world. Over the past few years, the popularity and application of AWS has grown exponentially. Here at Speqto Technologies, we aim to leverage this technology and support our client's in achieving their goals and objectives.

Pay Per Model

One of the main reasons for the popularity of AWS is the business model adopted by Amazon. AWS charges the user for the services used in the previous month. This feature allows our team of experts here at Speqto Technologies to develop solutions at just a fraction of the cost of using traditional services.

Team of Experts

Our team of cloud computing and AWS experts are trained and certified in various AWS models which allows us to support our client's by understanding and meeting their custom requirements and help them grow in the market.


The flexibility offered by AWS is one of the main reasons for its popularity in today’s world. Here at Speqto Technologies, we leverage this functionality to help our team of experts in customisation and custom solution development.

Scope of Application

One of the biggest advantages of AWES is the versatility. We use the features and scope of application to support our client's from various industries, domains and markets.

AWS Consulting Partner

aws consulting partner
aws consulting partner
aws consulting partner
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Machine Learning
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Windows Workloads
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Financial Services
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Public Sector
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aws consulting partner
Mainframe Migration
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aws consulting partner
Level 1 MSSP
aws consulting partner
Migration & Modernization (Software)
aws consulting partner
MSP Partner
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Public Sector Partner
aws consulting partner
AWS Solution Provider
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AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner
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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

The AWS solution architect is the most popular certification offered to the users. This certification covers a wide range of concepts which ate critical to work with AWS.

AWS and Amazon offers the highest levels of security and safety to the users and their data on the AWS platform.

The average cost of setting up and using AWS on a regular basis is significantly cheaper than traditional methods.

The features offered by AWS and the backing of a multinational corporation such as Amazon support by the experts here at Speqto Technologies are some of the biggest benefits of using AWS.

Yes, the ability to host mobile or web based services is one of the one popular services offered by AWDS.

Simple storage solution of S3 is the most popular and basic features of AWS> It allows the user to storage large quantities of data on a virtual basis.

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