Speqto Strength

Pawan Kaushik

17 July, 2021

Strength of a company is one of the most important factors deciding its fate. The reason for the huge success of Speqto Technologies is the strengths of our organization. The strength of a company reflects significantly on various aspects of the company such as their performance, market value, business decisions, strategic planning and many more. Over the course of this blog, we will understand various aspects of Speqto Technologies strength, its applications and the impact on the business performance and growth of the company both in short term and long term. We can quite easily say that the strength of Speqto technologies is one of our greatest assets.It can calculate the direct relationship between the performance and productivity of a business with that of the organization’s strength. We can conclude that the both variables are directly proportional. The greater the strength, the higher the business performance, growth and success.

1. Team
The formation of a team is one of the most important responsibilities of the management and the stakeholders. The stakeholders and the management have done an amazing job in building teams, which collaborate and work well to ensure on time and efficient completion of projects. While building our teams, we ensured that every member of the team works well with each other and as individual performers. The organization is as strong as the weakest member is and we have ensured that every professional hired understands their responsibility and role as an individual, as a member of a team and an employee of Speqto Technologies. Our teams comprise of experts in their respective domains with years of experience under their belts and generally masters of the trade. The professionals have undergone years of professional training and completed various necessary certifications crucial for their day-to-day responsibilities. The teams at Speqto technologies form the backbone of our strength and our capabilities as an industry leading software Development Company.

2. Leadership
Leaders and stakeholders are the most crucial and important part of any organization. They are responsible for taking key decisions regarding the business. They are also responsible for resource allocation, drafting various policies and ensuring that the goals of various employees and individuals are aligned with the organizational goals. The most important responsibility of the leaders and the stakeholders are to ensure that the company is heading in the right direction without compromising on any of the set standards for operations and business performance. The various leaders and stakeholders at Speqto Technologies are the reason for our strength and success in the modern competitive world. Having over 50 plus years of combined experience, they are the right people to help take us to the next well by working closely with every single one of our clients, and ensuring their satisfaction, growth and success holds the highest priority in the organization.

3. Experience
Experience is one of the most important factors in a competitive industry such as this. Speqto Technologies is one of the leading software companies in India, where our experience in the industry can back our claims of delivering on the promised services and the customer experience. Our team of developers, test engineer and other professionals have extensive experience in their respective domain where they have worked on and delivered numerous projects, which have proven successful in our clients’ initiative. Apart from the experience of the core team, it is important for the leadership, project managers and management of the organization to have relevant experience. This is what makes Speqto technologies the perfect Technological partner. The extensive and diverse nature of our experience is one of our biggest strengths. It has given us the capabilities and the necessary skill sets to take on any challenging project, complete it on time with the highest level of innovative thinking and deliver a project, which exceeds the expectations of our clients.


Our expertise is one of our biggest strengths. Our clients are from all over the world, who work with different kinds of customers, offer a variety of services, work in different domains and have significantly important and varying requirements. Our expertise in various tools, technologies, methodologies and domain specific knowledge helps us cater to these unique and differing requirements from our clients and deliver solutions, services and products, which are on par with the industry standards in terms of functionality, user friendliness, safety and security standards, integration with other tools and technologies and most importantly the quality of the entire service. Our expertise in terms of technology reaches to blockchain, digital marketing, AR & VR solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Science, Mobile application development, Cloud computing solutions,, IT networking and infrastructure development, mobile application development and many more. In terms of domain expertise, we have clients from various industries such as manufacturing, IT, supply chain & logistics, Governmental & Non Profits, financial and trading, real estate and many more. Our clients choose to work with us time and again primarily due to our expertise in fulfilling their requirements.

Our core values:-

The core values of a company are one of the most crucial pieces of information, which gives us crucial insight into the operations of a company. It is the responsibility of the leadership and the management to define the core values of the company, which is followed by the whole company. The core values are the true measure of the strength of a company. Similarly, Speqto Technologies strength comes from our core values. The core values of Speqto Technologies are the following:-

• Customer is King.

• Transparent and Open communication.

• Value for ethics, integrity and morality.

• Safe and secure Transactions.

These core values help us be a trendsetter in the competitive industry in terms of quality, customer experience, on time delivery, experience and expertise.

Customer Oriented Service

Customers are at the heart of Speqto Technologies operations. Every decision, strategy, plan and action taken is always centred on the customer. Our primary organizational goal is customer satisfaction. A customer satisfaction is possible only through the high quality of services and solutions delivered through them. Speqto Technologies have implemented a customer oriented service protocol, around which the entire organization is built. From the time, a new customer enters the system to the time of project delivery; our goal is to ensure maximum positive experience of the customer, which promotes repetitive customers. Our development method, communication standards and the overall transparency of the system is what helps the people have an amazing, smooth, efficient and hassle free experience during their journey at Speqto Technologies. The customers and the customer oriented service is one of our biggest strengths.

Our Employees

Employees are the most valuable resource of an organization. They are the one who work in the ground level and deliver the high quality projects expected by our clients. We at Speqto technologies understands the value our employees add to the entire venture and the success of both our clients and us. We make it one of our priorities to take care of our employees and ensure that they remain our strength and assets. This includes drafting various policies aimed at their development as individuals and as employees. With the help of these policies, our employees are growing both professionally and personally within the organization. Some of the ways in which we take care of our employees includes various mentorship programs, regular training, and upskilling and development programs and most importantly, we create a healthy and satisfactory work environment where they can thrive. Using these resources at their disposal an leveraging their professional and personal growth in the company, our employees are driven to work on any given project and deliver outstanding results in the most innovative ways.


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