Speqto Experience

Pawan Kaushik

20 July, 2021

Softwares and applications are the heart of a company. Speqto Technologies is one of the leading development companies located in Gurgaon, India where we specialize in creating softwares with the entire focus on improving business performance and productivity. Our aim to create softwares which user centric and help our clients streamline the entire business process.
Our experience and expertise is not limited to one technology or one domain. Our team of experts have worked on various development platforms such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Web Application development, Mobile application development and many more. Our clients are from various industries with varying requirements such as IT, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Governmental Organizations, Transportation industry, Educational, fashion etc. Our aim to offer our expertise and experience to help our clients reach their target and grow with the help of our custom build software, application and marketing solutions.

To ensure that our clients have the best Speqto experience, we have divided the entire development process into 5 simple steps.

1. Share Idea– The first step is the conceptualization of the idea and Initiation of the project. Our teams are brought on the same page to set the goals and targets of the project.

2. Project Planning– The next step is the drafting of the project plan. Here our teams draft the project plan based on their evaluation of the project in terms of project specifics, measurable, attainable, and realistic timeline.

3. Project Execution– The next step is the most crucial aspect i.e. project development. Here our teams develop the project based on the specifications of the projects attained through the above two steps. Continuous meetings ensure the project is on track and as per client expectations. Review meetings are conducted at regular intervals to evaluate the team and the project.

4. Project Monitoring– The next step is project monitoring. At this stage, the project goes into extensive testing to evaluate the project’s performance and compare it with the client’s expectations. We stick to strict international standards to ensure the project quality is maintained.

5. Project Close– The final step is the project closure. The project is handed over to the client with all the necessary documentation. We conduct training sessions with the client to ensure a smooth transfer of the project.

Benefits of Choosing Speqto Technologies

Companies choose their technological partners based solely on their requirement. Some of the key aspects of this checklist are smooth development, post development support and deep understanding on the technological domain. This is exactly what our clients get. Our clients come back to us repetitively because of their experiences and the benefits they have enjoyed during their journey with Speqto Technologies.
Companies are constantly on the lookout for partners to help them with their varying technological requirements. They want someone they can collaborate on to create solutions, which helps their organization work, and perform in a more efficient fashion. A majority of these companies in the market have a stringent evaluation protocol, which ensures they are choosing the right technological partner to fulfil all their software, application development and digital marketing needs. At the end of the day, they will choose a partner who offers the most benefits at the lowest cost without compromising the quality standards of the services and products delivered. This is where Speqto Technologies shine.

1. Skilled and Qualified Team- The development team is the backbone of the entire operation, and every single member of our team comes highly recommended and has a whole range of skills and expertise under his sleeve where he proves to be efficient and qualified to turn our client’s dreams into a reality.

2. Flexibility- We pride ourselves in offering complete control and flexibility of the development process to our clients. We ensure that every single request and demand of our clients are taken into consideration and we deliver a solution, which exceeds their expectations every single time. Our clients are involved into every step of the decision making process to help them feel in control of their dream project. .

3. Experienced Team- Our team of expert developers come from varied backgrounds and offer ensure that our clients have their vast experience at their disposal. With the help of their vast experiences, our experts can build the perfect solutions, while following to strict international standards and healthy business practices. Our team our experts do not complete their responsibility when the project is completed, but go one step further and offer post deployment support and maintenance of the application.

4. Wide Range of Technologies- Our team of experts come from a diverse background well versed with various technologies in their domain. We ensure that this vast knowledge and technological availability is at the disposal of our clients to build their perfect software on a platform they want with the help of the technologies they prefer.

5. Features of the Developed Solution- Every solution, we build is with a sole goal in mind, to help our clients grow their business and reach new heights of success. To accomplish this, our solutions are higher than industry quality standards, user friendly, easy integration with existing infrastructure, data security and easy maintenance.

6. Budget Friendly- The availability of these features and services for our clients and their enhanced experience does not make it expensive. Our solutions are pocket friendly, which allows our clients to use the remainder of our resources to grow their company in other aspects. To add to the benefit, budget friendly solutions does not mean, we compromise on the quality standards. We strive to exceed the industry quality standards with every one of our projects.

Client Journey

The first step is to prepare a project report with the help of our team of experts. Here our clients set the timeline for the develop, choose their preferred technologies and desired development team.
With the help of the project report, Speqto technologies prepares the budget for the project which is guaranteed to be pocket friendly without any hidden costs or revisions in the future.
Introduction of the client with the core development team is the next step in the customer journey. We ensure that our clients are comfortable and confident with the capabilities and skills of the development team. This introduction creates a sense of clarity for everyone and guarantees that the project starts in the right direction. we guarantee that our clients walk away with the best experience and a product of the highest standards without feeling a pinch in their pocket. This is one of biggest reasons why our clients choose to come back to work with us every time they have a technological requirement.

Regular meetings are conducted to ensure that our clients are an integral part of the development process. Regular feedback and information exchange between the client and our team ensures that the project is on track in every aspect i.e. timeline, budget and the technology.
Deployment of the project in the client’s office infrastructure is smooth and hassle free. Our experts ensure that the project is integrated with any necessary additional softwares and test the functionality and performance of the entire system.
The last step in the customer journey is software maintenance. Our team of experts monitor the system on a regular basis and ensure smooth and optimized performance.

Based on all these factors, we ensure that our clients experience holds the highest priority, and every part of the entire process ensures that their experience is enhanced. With our focus on client experience, we deliver softwares and applications, which are the best in terms of quality and cost. Over the course of this blog, we looked at various aspects of what makes Speqto Technologies the ideal technological partner for any business in any domain irrespective of their requirement. We ensure that our customers are our priority and we treat them as such. At the end of the development process.


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